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Background checks for job applicants

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Why do a comprehensive
background check?

How It Works?

Your business and its organizational structure are unique. No comprehensive background check is ever the same. By conducting a detailed review of new and existing customers and third parties, you can help maintain your reputation and meet your regulatory requirements. This ensures sound compliance standards and helps you make more informed decisions.

Using only ethical and non-invasive research methods, we are committed to the principles of honesty and responsibility. Subjects are unaware when we conduct an investigation, and we never misrepresent our activities. In addition, we have a dedicated risk and control team that performs regular audits of the service and external certification in the standard.

How It Works?

One product. Multiple uses. We have created enhanced reports on comprehensive applicant and corporate background checks to help you comply with anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations or before a merger, acquisition or joint venture. You can also use them for third party risk assessment, decision making and identifying beneficial ownership structures.

Protect your business Protect your reputation and the risk of financial damage and regulator actions with our detailed reports. They improve your knowledge and understanding of customer, supplier and third-party risk, and help you avoid those involved in financial crime.

So what are we actually testing?

Comprehensive credit checks

Background and Reliability checks for job applicants

Verification of employment history and recommendations

Reliability checks and tests and criminal record check

Checking limited bank accounts

Security investigations

Our Services

Comprehensive background checks

BackGround’s background check will reveal candidates who have concealed criminal history or entanglements with political and security bodies or institutions.

Occupational screening services

We will help the employer understand who is really sitting in front of him, and it is not worth giving up the background checks.
The data shows that at least 5% of the resumes received in every company and business will be fake and unreliable, which is why it is so important to take seriously every detail regarding the person you invite for an interview and are thinking of hiring.

Production of reports

If you run a business and think about which people you want to hire, you should contact us. Our company deals with everything related to reliability, trustworthiness and criminal record checks on people.

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